Cody's 66G Salt-Water Aquarium

This is a html page about my 66G system. Please take a look at my live web cam and come back soon for more information about my saltwater aquarium! Often Weary Willie comes here to play with the powerhead.

AquaCam powered by the Xiaomi Small Square IP Camera, Nimble Streamer and Bitmovin's HTML5 HLS Player.

~Cody R. Brown

Meet the Gang

False Percula ClownfishRose Bubble-tip AnemoneYellow Watchman GobyTiger Pistol ShrimpGreen Star Polyp
False Percula Clownfish (Ocellaris clownfish) - Weary Willie
Rose Bubble-tip Anemone (split) (Entacmaea quadricolor)
Yellow Watchman Goby (Cryptocentrus cinctus) & Tiger Pistol Shrimp (Alpheus bellulus) - Walter & Jack
Green Star Polyp (Clavularia viridis)

Display Pictures

Me and Tank
Full Main Tank
This is pictures of my main display and the underneath Sump.

Clean up Crew

Electric Blue Hermit CrabTurbo SnailNassarius Snail
My Nassarius Snails and Turbo Snails are always busy cleaning my tank. I got a new Electric Blue Hermit Crab hidding in his cave.

The Corals

Rose Bubble-tip AnemoneGreen Star Polyp
I've got some Corals in my tank finally! The bright Rose Bubble-tip Anemone are on the middle of the rocks. The Green Star Polyp are on the sand.

Perished Comrades

Valentini TobyClarkii ClownfishZebra LionfishYellowtail Blue DamselfishCleaner Shrimp
XeniaFinger LeatherOrange Lip ConchFighting ConchRed Sea Star
Feather DusterStrawberry TophatRed MushroomsMandarin DragonetEmerald Crab
Snowflake Moray
August 26, 2009 my Clarkii Clownfish was eatten by the Moray, after a bacterial infection (popeye). Wednesday August 12, 2009. A bacterial infection has ran over the tank well I was away. It caused some poor water conditions and irritated my Eel! My Valentini Toby was eaten. The Orange Lip Conch and Fighting Conch shells have been abadoned. The Finger Leather Coral and Silver Branch Pumping Xenia have been doing poorly and removed. The water quality is back to normal, and everything is on the right track now.

My three Yellowtail Blue Damselfish have now perished to the Moray massacre. The last died Sunday July 6, 2008. A few Turbo Snails have perished due to the previous always hungry Toby, but survivors are still thriving. The Cleaner Shrimp disappeared from my Refugium near Sunday September 20, 2008, presumably hopped out or perhaps takin' by the pump. The Feather Duster slowly lost his crown and disappeared. The Red Sea Star fell to the sand and disintegrated. March, 2010 my new Zebra Lionfish died, they had troubles eating frozen foods. My large Strawberry Tophat Snail got eaten by my Lion.